Tax receipts for Saanich Lacrosse

Posted by Saanich Lacrosse on Mar 11 2017 at 03:57PM PST in 2017 Season

As we get closer to the due date for individual tax returns we are receiving some questions about tax receipts for the Saanich Lacrosse registration fee.

The tax receipt is part of the email you receive on confirmation of your online registration.

Each year you will receive an email with the following subject line: Saanich Lacrosse Association 2016 Registration Successful. If you search your old emails by this subject line you will find your 2016 registration confirmation. Scroll down, and you will see the British Columbia Lacrosse Association Registration Receipt. Your 2017 receipt will also be in one of your email folders.

Any questions, please contact our registrar Rich Burman at

Thank you.