Posted by Saanich Lacrosse on Dec 30 2019 at 10:54AM PST in 2019 Season

The Saanich Lacrosse Executive would like to communicate information about the facilities that we use for our lacrosse season.

The first update is the upgrades at the outdoor boxes at Lambrick Park and Braefoot Park. During the summer, Saanich Parks staff replaced damaged boards and painted the interior facing boards. The parks staff also repainted the floor lines and will be putting the finishing touches on the orange goal creases in the Spring.
Houston Signs will be installing new Nevco score boards at both outdoor boxes in the next few months. These new scoreboards will replace the existing ones which have served the Association well for the last 15 years. The new models come with wireless controls which should help with reliability as the console will not be left outside in the winter months.

The second update is Saanich Parks & Recreation has announced the Pearkes Gold arena ice slab is going to undergo a replacement beginning with thawing in April 2020 and construction beginning in September 2020. The Gold arena will remain closed until the fall of 2021. The arena user groups were only notified a few days prior to the announcement in the media.

This situation may have a benefit in the 2020 season as Saanich Lacrosse could have access to the indoor dry floor earlier than in previous seasons and we will definitely have it longer in July. However, with the closure of the arena until the fall of 2021 Saanich Lacrosse will not have any indoor dry floor playing surfaces.

The lack of indoor playing surfaces has been a long standing issue and one that the Saanich Lacrosse Executive has been attempting to address with Saanich Parks and Recreation. The Saanich Lacrosse Executive will continue to communicate to Saanich our needs and work well in advance with other associations to ensure we can secure floor time.


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