Lax Nets

Posted by Saanich Lacrosse on Apr 01 2013 at 10:10AM PDT in Regular Season 2013

Dear Saanich Lacrosse Members;

As a result of mandated changes from the Canadian Lacrosse Association, Saanich Lacrosse has purchased new nets for use during both practices and games. Most significantly, our new nets are different in that they do not anchor to the ground. We have also purchased mini sized nets for our youngest Tigers as we are no longer permitted to hang boards on the larger nets. In all cases, the netting is permanently attached to the goals.

We have purchased minor and mini nets for Lambrick Park Box as well as minor and two sets of mini nets for Braefoot Box. Pearkes arena has agreed to and have purchased a set of major (Jr. level), minor and mini nets for their facility. Overall the cost for the nets was approximately $8,000; we paid $5,000.

The nets are now in place at both Pearkes Arena and Lambrick Box. At Pearkes, security is not an issue and procedures will be the same; bring the nets onto the floor and use them. At Lambrick Box, the nets will be stored in the usual spot between the benches. Coach keys will open the enclosure. We need to bring them out from and return them to storage after each practice or game. If we have a series of practices scheduled, the last group must secure the nets. As a result of their being portable and strung, we need to be mindful of theft.

At Braefoot Box we will be enclosing the area between the player’s benches and will deliver the new nets once this is done; hopefully within a week or so.

The existing net frames will remain at both boxes and are to be left on the floor for community use following our activities. The netting inserts will remain stored in the green box at Lambrick and the storage room at Braefoot. The netting inserts are not to be left out.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Please forward any questions or concerns.


Will Dodds
President Saanich Lacrosse