Technical Bulletin 14-07: NOCSAE Voids Certification of Two Lacrosse Helmet Models

Posted by Saanich Lacrosse on Nov 27 2014 at 09:40AM PST in Regular Season 2014

Warrior Regulator and Cascade Model R lacrosse helmets no longer compliant with CLA policy.

The Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) would like to confirm that, because The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) recently voided the certification of two previously certified helmet models, the Warrior Regulator and Cascade Model R lacrosse helmets are no longer compliant with the following CLA policy:

12.4.2 For Box and Men’s Field Lacrosse, all players are required to wear a helmet which must meet either of the following standards: A National Organizing Committee for Safety in Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) approved helmet and facial protector, approved as a complete unit, for lacrosse.

Therefore, these models are no longer permitted for use during men’s field or box lacrosse and players using these models must take appropriate measures to ensure they are following CLA rules and policies.

According to the official release, “NOCSAE has been advised that Warrior and Cascade are working to address this issue, and it is anticipated that each will develop a procedure to assist players and teams who use these models.” Please refer to the following websites for further details:

For more information and to view the official release, please visit the NOCSAE website –

For information about the Warrior Regulator helmet issue, please visit the Warrior website –,default,pg.html

For information about the Cascade Model R helmet issue, please visit the Cascade website –

Additional information and technical bulletins related to equipment may be found on the equipment page of the CLA website.

The CLA’s greatest priority is the safety of all members and participants.

Please do not hesitate to contact CLA Program Coordinator, Ashley Raaymakers ( or 613-260-2028 ext. 301) should you have any additional questions or concerns.